Why do women-led companies have a tough time raising money from investors? Why do investors have a tough time funding women-led companies?

Do women lack creativity?

Do they lack leadership?

Are they less innovative?

Do these questions make you uncomfortable or angry? Good, because these are some of the perceptions that must be overcome for more women entrepreneurs to achieve success.

What is perception and what is reality? Is there a funding bias against women? Or maybe women do not present fundable ideas or make fundable presentations. What are the reasons why women have a more difficult time than their male counterparts infinding capital to start or grow their businesses?

The WeROC® (Women Entrepreneurs Realizing Opportunities for Capital) Conference is a one-day event every Spring in Boise and Fall in Salt Lake City to investigate the “WHY” and the “HOW”. Why do women-led companies have a more difficult time raising capital, and how can we change mindsets and shatter perceptions?

The WeROC® program features several keynote speakers and panels who have recent experience overcoming access to capital and other road-blocks women-led/founded companies must overcome.  The WeROC® event targets female & male startups, influencers, and investors who focus on investing in women-led companies and women entrepreneurs looking to overcome the hurdles of raising equity for their companies.

In addition to the programming, WeROC® includes a two-track Deal Forum® that features 6-8 women-led startups that will pitch to panel of active angel and venture investors. The panel will provide candid, direct feedback to help the startups refine their presentations and ultimately raise funds.  Each startup will have received 4-8 weeks of mentoring through the VentureCapital.org mentor program.

The WeROC® Conference will end with a networking reception where conference attendees will be able to make new connections and discuss conference topics.

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Get your tickets now for WeROC® in Idaho summer 2020 (postponed due to COVID-19) and in Utah 9/30/2020!