Venture Investing In Consumer And Retail: Why It’s Rare, And Why It’s About To Change

Most investing markets are relatively efficient.  Early stage consumer and retail private equity markets are not. Consider this:

  • The United States is the largest consumer goods market in the world – worth more than $400 billion. Consumer and retail accounts for roughly 20% of the US economy.
  • The sector is going through a major disruption creating incredible tailwinds. Millennials, on the brink of becoming the largest segment of the population, are driving purchasing decisions – demanding more personalized products. Innovative small brands are emerging almost daily to lead the way in what I’m calling the Personalization of Consumer. The emerging brands ($1-10M in revenue) are stealing market share from the big packaged goods companies that have been slow to adapt.
  • Investors in consumer products realized 3.6 times their investment in an average of 4.4 years, according to the Angel Investment Performance Project (AIPP) from the Kauffman Foundation.


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