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The One Line Pitch

Entrepreneurs are always refining their one line pitch. Here at the Wayne Brown Institute, we feel that this pitch goes both ways. Our pitch is a straightforward proposition:

Apply to our program and we will do everything we possibly can to help you succeed.

Of course, we can’t begin to describe all the benefits in our program with just one line.

Program Overview

Get on the road to capital and learn the necessary elements to raising investor money as quickly as possible.

What to expect:

Deal Evaluation and Feedback Process

There are two stages to the WBI application process.

Stage One: The Deal Evaluation Process. Once we receive the required information about your company, WBI’s Deal Evaluation Team reviews your deal and sends you feedback.


You will receive feedback on your readiness to successfully raise capital. WBI addresses real issues investors may have with your deal:

  • Deal Strengths
  • Deal Weaknesses
  • Suggestions

Your deal may or may not be ready to go before the WBI Investor Selection Panel. If you can improve elements of your deal based on the suggestions provided by the deal evaluation team, you may still be able to advance in the process. Some types of deals may get referred to other organizations, depending on whether they qualify for equity based financing or not.

Stage Two: Approved deals get reviewed by active investors who select which companies are ready to enter the WBI mentoring and commercialization processes.

Investor Selection Panel

Once your deal is approved by the Deal Evaluation Team it is sent to a panel of seasoned active investors for review. These investors are also industry specific. Meaning, that your deal is always going to get an honest review by your “target market investor”. Companies with highly unique value propositions and technologies are sometimes put through further due diligence by investors before selection.

If your deal is not selected, feedback is provided as to why so you can make any necessary changes. If your deal is selected you will be assigned a hand-picked mentor team of venture professionals to assist you through the process of honing your deal to be Investor Ready®. You will be expected to present to a panel of investors at a minimum of one event, and possibly more. You will also be encouraged to apply to the Investors Choice® Annual Venture Capital Conference.

Deal Maker Mentor Team

Selected companies will be assigned a hand-selected mentor team that is best positioned to help them hone their deal to be truly desirable by investors. They will teach you how to present your product and communicate effectively the type of information that investors will want to know. The mentoring process can proceed from a few weeks to several months depending upon the company, deal, mentor team and value created for all involved parties. All selected companies are required to work with their assigned mentor teams.

You will have an opportunity to present your business idea at no less than one investor forum. It may be at The Deal Forum, Investors Choice® Venture Capital Conference, or both.

Investor’s Choice® Venture Capital Conference

If your company has sales and/or previous investment experience, a strong management team, proprietary technology and a credible expectation of doing $50-$100 million USD a year in sales in the next 3-7 years (life science’s companies excepted), you should submit an application to this WBI Investors Choice® conference.

WBI Angels

After being selected and mentored, your company and deal may be thoroughly reviewed and considered by the WBI Angels, the second most active angel group in the state of Utah.

Required Materials

• 2-4 page Executive Summary

• One-Page Fact Sheet

Upon submitting your application you will be sent to a webpage that will guide you through the development of a One-Page Fact Sheet and upload for your Executive Summary and any supplementary Information.

Costs or fees

• The Deal Forum – Presentation Fee $50

(Required) – Upon being selected by a panel of investors to work with a Deal Maker Mentor Team, you will be required to pay the $50 Deal Forum presentation fee. If the next available Investor Forum Event is the Investors Choice® Conference, your Deal Forum fee will be applied to your Investors Choice®Submission Fee.

• Investors Choice® Venture Capital Conference – No Fee**

(Optional) – At any time you can decide to submit to become a presenter at the next upcoming Investors Choice® Venture Capital Conference. If you are selected to be assigned a Deal Maker Team you will be actively encouraged to participate in the conference.

**Submissions: No Charge Until November 15th. After November 15th, a late fee of $95 is required. (However, companies selected to present must pay a $500 presentation fee.) Submissions are now being accepted. Submit early for priority placement upon selection. Networking started mid-summer 2013 and mentoring teams will be assigned no later than December 6th. Up to 25 companies will be accepted to present. (Acceptance determined by Investor staffed selection panel).

• Full Business Plan Review & Consultation – Fee $500

(optional) WBI Staff is available to do a thorough review of your complete business plan at any time. Deal Maker Teams DO NOT evaluate your entire business plans. They help you hone your deal so you can get funded and successfully commercialize. For an in depth analysis of your business plan WBI staff is your go-to source.


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