Finding money isn’t easy.


Finding money to fund your venture is hard, really hard. Pitching to investors is an art and a skill. It takes practice and coaching, even if you are a pro. can help you, because that is what we have being doing for 33 years.

Before you read on, we know that when most entrepreneurs are trying to fund their company, they don’t have any money to spend! That is why we DON’T CHARGE companies to go through this program!! Our Sponsors help cover those costs for you.

Through our Cooperative Venturing®  Program, we will help you

  • Better understand how to make a positive first impression to investors
  • Discover what makes your deal attractive and/or unattractive to investors
  • Increase your fund-raising network
  • Experience investor feedback following the presentations
  • Accelerate your search for capital

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You can learn more on our Cooperative Venturing Program page, or by attending one of our events.