By applying to’s Cooperative Venturing Program, the company or individual submitting an application requests help and advice from with respect to a business plan or idea the company or individual wishes to exploit through investor funding. is a charitable education foundation, committed to improving the human condition through technological entrepreneurship. staff can evaluate a business plan or idea from its paradigm of venture capital experience. can also provide the company or person with advice on building a business, and on presentation methods to sell a business opportunity to potential investors. may also refer a company to a mentoring group or to outside service providers for needed assistance. does not raise money for companies or ideas, it is not a finder, and does not promise or assure any company or person that money can or will be raised for that company or idea. is not responsible if a company or individual fails to raise investor capital even after receiving and dutifully taking to heart advice given by or any of its mentors or referrals.

Investors are attracted to some business ideas and not to others, regardless of how nicely they are packaged or delivered. Certain investors are attracted to some ideas and certain investors to others. It is up to the company or person with the idea to locate the appropriate investors, if any, to move their company or idea forward.

Fees paid to to support its educational services are not refundable and are not contingent on the company or individual raising investor funds.