2015 Investors Choice Conference features Internet security experts with

the lowdown on why modifying digital behavior is the first step in

defending against bad guys in cyberspace

(Salt Lake City – February 2, 2015) – You can deploy all the technology you can afford
to fend off cyber attacks and protect your company’s important data from theft, but if you
fail to realize information security begins with personal responsibility, your valuable
digital assets are wide open.

In the fast-paced world of “first to market” wins, where pressure to raise capital and
invest in new enterprises is highly competitive, digital discipline is the best defense
against hackers.

Behavior – not bucks – is the foundation of real information security practices. At the
intersection of responsibility and accountability, human beings, not machines or
software, will set the rules or suffer the consequences.

Two cyber security experts will conduct an interactive workshop on these issues at the
Annual Investors Choice Conference in Midway, UT, Thursday, February 12, 2015:

What You Need to Know to Avoid Wasting Money Down the Digital Drain:

Investing and Enterprise Building in the Age of Cyber Insecurity

Eric Eder is CEO of Sequris Group, an advanced network security firm that
provides services to some of the nation’s leading companies. Sequris Group
allows its clients to “venture beyond risk” in a global cyber environment that is
now fully defined by risk.

John Harrington is CEO of Verify Research Associates and Senior Researcher
for Blueshift Equity Research, turning his nearly four decades of award-winning
investigative research experience toward Wall Street on the public equity side, as
well as in private equity and venture capital with expertise in technology,
networked communications, network security, data centers and fiber optic data

The issues they will cover in this interactive session include:

  • Immersed In Risk – how much digital risk do organizations bring upon themselves by
    just not operating smartly?
  • The art of identifying what needs protecting and what is safe to leave wide open
    Investing and Enterprise Building in the Age of Cyber Insecurity
  • What everyone from the CEO to the receptionist can do to help secure the digital
  • Why sloppy digital behavior and APTs (advanced persistent threats) create open
    access for the Really Bad Guys move in and take over networks