Speaker Agreement:

Speaker hereby grants to VentureCapital.Org the perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free right to without limitation to do all of the following so long as post-event public access to the Speech Recording is via an authenticated entry:

(1) record or otherwise fix the sounds and/or images of the Speech Recording, in whole or in part, and to exploit such Speech Recording, recordings, and other fixations by any medium and/or forms of exploitation now or hereafter  known;

(2) make such technical and editorial modifications to and adaptations of the recorded Speech Recording as VentureCapital.Org deems necessary in order to produce recordings of the Speech Recording suitable for public distribution or broadcast (including but not limited to, cutting portions from the Speech Recording and reducing background noise);
(3) broadcast or otherwise transmit or communicate the Speech Recording to the public, anywhere in the world, either in whole or in part, on an unlimited basis via any and all forms of public media, now or hereafter known, including, without  limitation, any forms of television, radio, satellite, cable, any social media forum, the Internet or otherwise;
(4) use excerpts of the Speech Recording, in any format, via any medium, whether now known or later developed, in conjunction with, or as part of, one or more other VentureCapital.Org projects (in any location throughout the world);
(5) utilize the Speech Recording, in whole or in part, in any trailers or other promotions for any or all of the foregoing; and
(6) license and authorize others to do any or all of the foregoing. Speaker represents and warrants that to Speaker’s knowledge, VentureCapital.Org will be under no obligation to obtain additional copyright clearances or other permissions related to the Speech Recording and rights granted by Speaker herein. Nothing in this Speaker Agreement will obligate VentureCapital.Org to produce, distribute, exhibit, advertise, or otherwise exploit the Speech Recording or any portion thereof.