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The Cooperative Venturing Program is how helps companies prepare for investments through our href=””>Deal Forum® or href=””>Investors Choice® events. We begin with a proven process in reviewing the companies with a software tool that helps identify the strengths and weaknesses in the key areas that are critical to a company’s success. We utilize our trained interns to review and rate these applications with our staff and then follow up with the company to collect any additional information to complete our review.

Once we have determined that the company is ready to go through our programs, we invite them to participate in either an upcoming Deal Forum or our exclusive, annual  href=””>Investors Choice® conference.

The Deal Forums are held periodically throughout the year, so when you apply could determine which program you will fall into. It is possible you could be chosen for both programs.

Once selected, you are connected with a team of Venture Professionals from our href=””>Cooperative Venturing Network®. This team will guide you through a rigorous refinement process that will result in your ability to effectively communicate the value proposition, which can result in increased investment and customer acquisition.

70% of all companies who participate in our Investors Choice® conference go on to raise money.  

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By applying to the Cooperative Venturing Program®, you agree to the terms of the Program  title=”Venture Funding Program Disclaimer” href=”/venture-funding-program-disclaimer/”>disclaimer.

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