What to expect…..

Review Process:

Companies href=”https://waynebrowninstitute.org/vfp-apply/application/” target=”_blank”>submit their information through the Institute’s online application, which are then reviewed by our Deal Review Team. From there, the application is assigned to one of our Investor Liaisons to follow up with the applicant to visit in more detail about the venture and opportunity it presents to investors in the space. Then the Investor Liaison makes a recommendation to the review team which is used in determining whether the venture is at a stage to be a fit for the program. Each application is either accepted and placed in the Cooperative Venturing® Pipeline to await an invite to one of our live Commercialization Track Events, or, if it’s determined that the venture is not a fit for the program, then we provide specific feedback as outlined below.


Feedback Process: 

You will receive feedback on your readiness to successfully raise capital. WBI addresses real issues investors may have with your deal:

  • Deal Strengths
  • Deal Weaknesses
  • Suggestions

Your deal may or may not be ready for the Institute’s Cooperative Venturing® Process. On the chance it’s not, you can improve elements of your deal based on the suggestions provided by the deal review team and then resubmit your updates and get placed in the pipeline. Some types of deals may get referred to other organizations depending on whether they qualify for equity based financing or not.

The Cooperative Venturing Process: 

Once you have been placed in the pipeline, we encourage you to continue to make as much progress as possible and keep us updated on significant progress towards critical milestones since improving your deal will move you up in the pipeline and shorten the wait time to be invited to pitch.  Once you receive the invite, you will have an opportunity to work with a Cooperative Venturing Team that will be dedicated to helping you refine your pitch in the weeks leading up to an event.  You will present your business idea at no less than one of our live Commercialization Track events, which will include The Deal Forum, Investors Choice® Venture Capital Conference, or both.

By submitting your application to our Venture Funding Program, you have applied and will be considered for both the Deal Forum and the  href=”https://waynebrowninstitute.org/investors-choice-venture-capital-conference/” target=”_blank”>Annual Investors® Choice Venture Capital Conference which is always held in February.

 Program Cost: 

• The Deal Forum – No Application or Participation Fee

• Investors Choice® Venture Capital Conference – No Application Fee**

**The application fees ($199) have been waved this year. However, companies selected to present must pay a $500 presentation fee which is meant to cover the event registration fees for the presenter to attend the Gala Reception, Conference Day, and Investor Ski Day.

Paid Services Available: 

• Full Business Plan Review & Consultation – Fee $500

(optional) WBI Staff is available to do a thorough review of your complete business plan at any time. Cooperative Venturing Teams DO NOT evaluate your entire business plan. They help you hone your pitch and deal so you can attract investors and ultimately get funded and successfully commercialize.