Can I raise money? From where? How do I find an investor? What else do I need to know?

Are you thinking about raising money and not sure where to start?  VentureCapital.Org offers education How to Raise Money® seminars to assist entrepreneurs better understand the nuances in raising capital.  Seminars include:

Cap Table Basics: this educational seminar covers how to set up a capitalization table that is investor friendly, allows for future allocations of equity to employees, and minimize tax liability going forward.

Convertible Notes vs. SAFE Agreements: this educational seminar covers the difference between taking investment using a traditional convertible note compared with a SAFE Agreement.  It will touch on differences on conversion terms, discount rates, valuation caps, and cost considerations.

Term Sheet Basics: this educational seminar covers basic terms and mechanics of terms sheets.  It will cover preferred vs. non-preferred equity, liquidation preferences, warrant coverage, rights of first refusal, voting rights, ratchet terms, and other terms you need to be familiar with to protect existing stakeholders in your startup.

Alternate Sources of Financing: this education seminar covers the sources of financing available to for your startup.  It covers State and Federal Grant opportunities, angel investment, venture capital, asset-based, and non-traditional debt financing opportunities.

Every seminar is different as there is always new content provided by new people. We always include subject matter experts like serial entrepreneurs, attorneys, finance providers, investors, and marketing professionals who have deep knowledge in growing venture backed companies.  This seminar is two hours long and features venture professionals giving you the best advice and up-to-date information on what entrepreneurs need to successfully raise money.