VentureCapital.Org programs for entrepreneurs.

VCO’s core programs generate positive results and outcomes. As mentioned, 70% of the companies that go through our program raise capital within 12 months of completed mentorship. On average our VCO alumni startups collectively raise $45 million of early stage capital each year.  Our programs have an educational component as well as networking component with investors, service providers, and others that can move your startup forward.

  • Cooperative Venturing Program: The VentureCapital.Org mentor program is the core engine behind our The Deal Forum®WeROC® (Women Entrepreneurs Realizing Opportunities for Capital), and Investors Choice® pitch events. Startups that are selected to participate are assigned a 5-8 person mentor team that consists of entrepreneurs, investors, and service providers. Teams meet 1-1.5 hours over a 4-10 weeks period to advise the entrepreneurs on 1) how to effectively deliver their investor presentation, and 2) developing strategies to commercialize and scale.
  • How to Raise Money® Educational Seminars assist entrepreneurs better understand the nuances in raising capital including setting up the capitalization table properly, the difference between Convertible Notes and SAFE Agreements, term sheet mechanics, & alternate sources of financing.  Every seminar is different as there is always new content provided by new people. We always include subject matter experts like serial entrepreneurs, attorneys, finance providers, investors, and marketing professionals who have deep knowledge in growing venture backed companies.
  • The VentureCapital.Org Investor Liaison Internship Program provides a very unique opportunities for higher education students to learn about Venture Capital, develop real experience evaluating investment opportunities, and growing their network of investors and executives. Our interns get a first-hand look at what it takes to be an entrepreneur and resources available along the way. Interns also get exposure to many service providers and can be helpful in thinking about careers in varying fields.
  • The Deal Forum® Program is a pitch event designed for companies in the seed to series A stage and features 4-5 startups.  Startups are mentored for 4-6 weeks leading up to The Deal Forum®.  Each company is provided 10 minutes to present to a panel of angel and venture investors provided by 20 minutes of Q&A.  It is followed by a networking session with light food and drinks.
  • The WeROC® Conference Program  highlights issues women-founded and led companies face, such as access to capital and how to overcome those roadblocks.  It includes several keynote speakers and panelists that have recent experience working through these issues including founders, investors, and service providers.  The program includes a Deal Forum® pitch event where 6-8 women-led startups present to a panel of angel and venture investors.  Each will have 10 minutes to present and 20 minutes for Q&A.  Companies range from seed to series B stage and receive 4-8 weeks of mentoring.  The program ends with a networking session.
  • The Investors Choice Conference® features up to 30 companies seeking capital; most companies are in the late-seed to series B stage.  Companies are mentored 6-12 weeks in all; they have the opportunities to present to a panel of angel and venture investors 3-4 weeks ahead of the conference where they will receive critical feedback.  Companies present at the conference in 2 tracks followed by a lunch.  Lunch includes a keynote that will raise awareness of regional factors that will impact future startup and investment activity.  It also includes updates on VentureCapital.Org and its program.  We feature 2 educational panels as well as a number of networking events as part of the conference.