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Preferred CFO

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Preferred CFO is an outsourced CFO consulting and fractional CFO services firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah. With a team of highly-experienced CFOs, Preferred CFO has some of the top financial talent in the nation. Preferred CFO uses this financial expertise to help small- and mid-sized organizations achieve their goals faster and more strategically.

Preferred CFO’s tagline is “The Confidence of Knowing.” With an eye toward the future, Preferred CFO uses a combination of historical data, industry trends, and meticulous financial projections to help companies achieve faster, more sustainable growth. Our financial philosophy is to use data to eliminate guesswork and “hoping for the best.” We believe that with strong data and diligent application of a strategic forecast, we can help companies get from where they are to where they want to go faster and with the best margins possible.

If you’re not sure if Preferred CFO can help you achieve your goals, please reach out! Call or email us today to speak with a financial expert.

We have a full team of financial professionals including outsourced / fractional CFOs, consulting CFOs, systems experts, financial controllers, and outsourced bookkeepers.

Preferred CFO serves clients across the U.S. including California, Texas, Florida, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and New York. We also have CFOs on our team who have global CFO experience.