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Biosketches are key for reviewers to gauge the technical breadth of your team and its capacity to complete the project. At BBCetc we’ve seen summary statements, debriefings and criticisms of proposals denied funding because the team’s skills were lacking or were not properly detailed. As you prepare your SBIR/STTR proposals collect your technical team’s biosketches and ask how do they measure up?

The biosketch, unlike a resume or CV, should be tailored to meet specifics required by the agency. Depending on the agency, the style, format and information presented will change. Typically biosketches have the name of the person, their function/role on the project (as opposed to the role in the company only), their education, their relevant experience, products, publications, patents and other contributions to science. Some agencies are more tolerant than others of using a non-specific format. Read the solicitation to be sure of what is expected and follow the specified format.

The first biosketch is always the Principal Investigator’s (PI), who is the technical lead on the project, followed by the bios of senior personnel, those individuals with critical expertise who will be working on the project both employed by the company and at the sub award.

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