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K65W_investor_deal_flow is part of the the nation’s oldest and most successful non-profit, 501(c)(3) venture accelerator, the Wayne Brown Institute (WBI). To date, of the over 700 groundbreaking high tech companies that have presented in a WBI program, 70% have raised over $5 billion dollars in financial transactions, accounting for .5%-1% of venture capital deal flow in the United States.

Together and the Wayne Brown Institute act as gateways into high-quality venture deal flow. WBI’s investors and Cooperative Venturing Network® consider us a premier trusted referral source. Investors that become mentors participate in our events and are a part of our elite network of ventures, are systematically introduced to deals that are fundable and have successful exits. Many venture capitalists refer to us as their proprietary deal flow source in the Intermountain West.

According to an independent study, regionally based alumni companies in 2008 generated:

  • Over $1.3 billion in sales
  • $49 million in State tax revenue
  • Supported over 15,000 jobs.

Also, as compiled in the MountainWest Capital Network 2009 Deal Flow Book, WBI alumni participated in financial transactions exceeding $2 billion in 2009.

Alumni Companies Include:


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Part of our charter and education mission is to find and hone those “Diamonds in the Rough” entrepreneurs and early stage companies. So, the next time you pass on a deal, refer them to us and they could return with the Venture Ready® report that could put dollars in your pocket after all.

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