Venture Capital Internship Program

The Wayne Brown Institute(WBI) Internship Program is designed to accomplish 3 major goals:


  • Provide graduating students with the opportunity to build credibility and network with Utah’s premier venture community. Through performance with the WBI team, interns earn entrance into relationships with top CEO’s, Venture Firms, Service Provider Organizations, Angel Investors along with Government and Educational Institutions alike. WBI’s goal is to help the intern understand that it is the network and their own credibility within it that will build an extraordinary career.
  • Provide aspiring leaders the opportunity to work directly in an entrepreneurial environment. Whether the intern aspires to be an entrepreneur or just work for an entrepreneur they will be able to jump in with both feet and learn about real world start-ups, management, leadership and service. WBI wants the intern to discover their own passion and make a difference in the community.
  • Upon successful completion of the internship WBI desires to be able to refer interns to companies that are in need of their talents and service. Interns have the chance to earn strong referrals into top organizations.

Although nothing is ever guaranteed, WBI internships for aspiring leaders can create a foray of experience, knowledge and opportunity to be used for many years to come.


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Investors Choice® Program Internship

Event Planning

Marketing and Content

Web Design

Public Relations

WBI Operations
Wayne Brown Institute

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