GenZ Technology invents crop spray technology that uses 70% less
chemical – ideal for vineyards, strawberries

BiologiQ, Inc. reinvents Idaho’s most famous cash crop using waste potato
starch to make biodegradable plastic products

(Salt Lake City – February 2, 2015) – Clean technology from two Idaho-based
companies will be among the presenting companies at this years annual Investors
Choice Conference on February 12, in Midway, Utah.

Precision crop spray technology developed by GenZ Technology in Boise drastically
reduces waste in pesticides and other expensive chemicals while attaining superior
coverage and capturing and reusing most of the chemicals that miss the target. This
initial target market – 35,000 vineyards and table grape growers in California, Oregon,
Washington and Idaho. It is also ideal for strawberry crops, which are mostly grown in
California. Along with dramatically cutting the use and cost of chemicals, the technology
is much safer for farm workers and the environment.

BiologiQ, Inc., based in Idaho Falls, has invented technology that reuses potato starch
waste to manufacture biodegradable plastic resin pellets. The bio-plastics are used in
making everything from bags and bottles to cutlery. All products are competitive with
plastics products made from petro-chemicals that are a major cause of pollution.
Proprietary equipment and processes transform the waste starch left over from potato
processing plants in Idaho, Oregon and Washington, making it a renewable and
sustainable feedstock.

“Last spring, Zions Bank CEO Scott Anderson encouraged our board and the team at
The Wayne Brown Institute to set up an office in Boise,” said Brad Bertoch, President
and CEO of the Wayne Brown Institute. “Scott’s vision paid off immediately this year
with GenZ Technology, BiologiQ, Inc. We have three more presenting companies from
Idaho, plus companies from surrounding states.”

All these companies will pitch to investors and conference attendees during the annual
daylong Investors Choices Conference at the Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah, near Park
City. For information on registration for the conference and other activities including the
gala reception and Friday ski day, please href=”″ target=”_blank”>click here.