Utah SBDC’s Pay the IRS Less without Going to Jail

9690 South 300 West Salt Lake Community College - Miller Campus Miller Corporate Partnership Center (MCPC) - Building 5, Floor 1, Room 102, Sandy, UT 84070, Sandy

PAY ​THE ​IRS ​LESS ​WITHOUT ​GOING ​TO ​JAIL! Have ​you ​wondered ​whether ​you ​are ​paying ​too ​much ​to ​the ​IRS? ​ ​More ​than ​your ​fair ​share? Do ​you ​know ​which ​deductions ​you ​can ​take ​and ​which ​ones ​will ​get ​you ​in ​trouble? Well, ​if ​so, ​then ​this ​is ​the ​workshop ​for ​you. ​ ​ ​Join ​Merrill ​Taylor, ​an ​expert ​in ​the ​tax ​code, ​who ​has ​saved ​his ​business clients ​hundreds ​of ​thousands ​of ​dollars ​each ​year! ***Breakfast ​is ​provided*** WHEN: Tuesday, October 8, ​2019 8:30 ​am: ​ ​ ​ ​Check-in, ​Registration ​and ​Food 9:00 ​am ​ ​ ​ ​ ​Pay ​the ​IRS ​Less ​without ​Going ​to ​Jail ​workshop 11:00 ​am ​ ​ ​ ​End ​of ​Workshop SLCC ​- ​Miller ​Campus Corporate ​Partnership ​Center ​building ​(MCPC; Building #5)Floor 1, Room ​1029690 ​South ​300 ​West Sandy, ​Utah ​84070 Sponsored by:  About the Presenter Merrill Taylor, CPA Merrill has 15 years of experience as a tax professional, and is a Partner with Clark Rasmussen Taylor, CPAs, located in South Jordan, Utah. He specializes in helping business owners save chunks of money in tax savings […]

Customers For Life

9690 South 300 West Salt Lake Community College - Miller Campus Miller Corporate Partnership Center (MCPC) - Building 5, Floor 1, Room 101, Sandy, UT 84070, Sandy

Find, Develop and Keep your CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE! Customers for LifeCustomer needs exist at two levels – stated and unstated. Surveys and other formal tools such as interviews focus on the stated needs. While there is nothing wrong with that per se, such methods fail to bring out the “real” needs which often lie sub […]

2019 WeROC: Women Entrepreneurs Realizing Opportunities for Capital

Salt Lake Community College - Miller Conference Center 9750 South 300 West, Sandy, UT 84070, Sandy

WeROC:Women Entrepreneurs Realizing Opportunities for Capital Are you a woman-owned business having trouble raising funds? Learn from successful women investors, business owners, and influencers the secrets behind fundraising and overcoming issues and perceptions that you may not even know about. This is a full day of learning and networking. The WeRoc Conference is a one day event to be held […]

INSTAGRAM | A Beginner’s Guide to Winning on the Platform

9690 South 300 West Salt Lake Community College -Miller Campus Miller Corporate Partnership Center (MCPC) - Building 5, Room 101, Sandy, UT 84070, Sandy

INSTAGRAM | A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO WINNING ON THE PLATFORMLEARN HOW TO EFFECTIVELY LEVERAGE INSTAGRAM FOR YOUR BUSINESS IN ORDER TO MAKE MORE MONEY!Join ​us ​to ​learn ​how ​to get started and grow your business with one of the most important social networking sites in the world, including tips, tricks, and secrets the pros use!WHO ​IS ​THIS ​WORKSHOP ​FOR? ​ ​This ​workshop ​is ​for those that are new to […]

SLC Deal Forum

Kiln 26 South Rio Grande Street #2072, SLC, Utah 84101, SLC

The Deal Forum is one of our Cooperative Venturing live pitch events and will feature entrepreneurs who are seeking capital for their ventures.  This event is designed specifically to provide a safe venue where entrepreneurs can pitch their ventures to a panel of investors for the sole purpose of receiving feedback on their venture, pitch […]

PATENTS | Everything a Business Owner Needs to Know

9690 South 300 West Salt Lake Community College - Miller Campus Miller Corporate Partnership Center (MCPC) - Building 5, Floor 3, Room 333, Sandy, UT 84070, Sandy

PATENTS | EVERYTHING A BUSINESS OWNER NEEDS TO KNOWJoin Erik Ericksen to learn everything you need to know about patents.  In this workshop, you will come to understand the differences between the different types of patents, the value they can provide to your business through licensing, the process for getting patents awarded, and informative examples from […]

Secrets to Financing Your Business

Salt Mine Productive Workspace 7984 South 1300 East, Sandy, UT 84094, Sandy

Taking out a loan or finding an investor for your company can be a confusing and frustrating process. Join us to get answers to your questions: • Is my business ready for funding?• What is the best source for it?• How do I get access to it?• What are the key elements to secure it? […]

Utah SBDC’s Employer Tax Workshop

9690 South 300 West Salt Lake Community College - Miller Campus Miller Corporate Partnership Center (MCPC) - Building 5, Room 101, Sandy, UT 84070, Sandy

UTAH ​SBDC'S ​EMPLOYER ​TAX ​WORKSHOP Join ​us ​to ​learn ​the ​ins ​and ​outs ​of ​paying ​and ​complying ​with ​employee ​tax ​requirements. ​ In ​this ​power-packed ​workshop, ​you ​will ​get ​to ​hear ​from ​a ​tax ​CPA ​expert, ​as ​well ​as ​relevant ​federal ​and ​state ​agencies, ​all ​in ​one ​place, ​all ​on ​ONE ​DAY!  ​ ​ ​ ​CPA ​firm ​(independent ​contractors ​versus ​employees)  ​ ​ ​ ​Utah ​State ​Tax ​Commission  ​ ​ ​ ​Utah ​Department ​of ​Workforce ​Services  ​ ​ ​ ​Utah ​Labor ​Commission  ​ ​ ​ ​U.S. ​Department ​of ​Labor  ​ ​ ​ ​Workers ​Compensation ​Fund ​of ​Utah After ​the ​workshop, ​you ​will ​come ​away ​with ​knowledge ​and ​confidence ​of ​how ​to ​navigate ​this ​complex ​area. ***Breakfast ​is ​provided*** ***Lunch ​is ​not ​provided, ​but ​there ​is ​a ​cafeteria ​in ​the ​building ​adjacent ​and ​west ​of ​the ​MCPC ​building*** WHEN: Thursday, November 21, ​2019 8:00 ​am: ​ ​ ​ ​ ​Check-in, ​Registration ​and ​Food 8:30 ​am: ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​Start ​of ​workshop 5:00 ​pm: ​ ​ ​ ​End ​of ​Workshop SLCC ​- ​Miller ​Campus Corporate ​Partnership ​Center ​building ​(MCPC; Building #5)Room ​1019690 ​South ​300 ​West Sandy, ​Utah ​84070 Sponsored by:  About the CPA Presenter: Russell M. Whitehouse, CPA Russell M. Whitehouse graduated from the Utah State University School of Accounting in 1984. He passed the Uniform Certified Public Accounting Exam soon thereafter and has been practicing in public accounting since then. He has chosen to specialize in […]

Investor Feedback Session January 24th, 2020

Zions Bank Founders Room 1 S Main St, 18th Floor, Salt Lake City

Investor Feedback Sessions9:00 am - 5:00 pm January 24th, 2020The 2020 Investor Feedback Sessions that will be held on 9a - 5p January 24th, 2020 as part of the 36th Annual Investors Choice Venture Capital Conference. All of the presenting companies will have 10 minutes to present their companies to a panel of Angel and […]

36th Annual Investors Choice® Venture Capital Conference

Marriott Downtown City Creek Investor Reception - Zions Bank Founders Room, Ski & Snowboard Day - Snowbird, Salt Lake City

Join Fellow Investors from across the Nation at the 36th Annual Investors Choice® Venture Capital Conference February 21, 2020 | 8:00 a.m - 6:00 p.m. | Marriott Downtown City Creek 75 South West Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 The Investors Choice® Conference continues to help emerging companies improve their business pitch, gain business insight […]