21st Century Entrepreneur: Term Sheets

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So you think you’re close to raising the money you need for your business to soar. What’s next? It’s all about structuring the deal. The Term Sheet is so critical. In fact, it may make all the difference in ensuring the on-going success of your business! What is the process? How do you get a term sheet? How is it written? Who initiates it? What’s in it? What will the investor be looking for, or requiring of you? And what should YOU look for, or require? What is a Simple agreement for future equity (SAFE) agreement?

All of these questions are addressed in this seminar featuring an experienced investor, a successful entrepreneur, and a legal and regulatory expert. Following their presentations, they will respond to your specific questions and to questions from other members of the audience.

Moderator: Matt Warnock (VCO Board Member/RC Herbals)

Panel of Experts: Chris Anderson (Durham Jones & Pinegar), Nathan McBride (Tamerak Capital), Nina Quarequio (Tanner LLC)

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