New entrepreneurs often make their work much harder than it needs to be. There is no doubt, raising capital can be hard work. Building relationships & credibility within the investor and venture community is essential to raising the money critical to your business success. Start Here:

Entrepreneur Profile:There are 16 types of entrepreneurs, 4 types actually succeed.

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What are the Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs?

When an unprepared entrepreneur attempts to build relationships with investors, that entrepreneur is multiplying their level of difficulty in getting funded. Don’t create the wrong impression with investors. Take a little extra time and get you and your deal right! These tools at design to help you do just that.


Can you get Venture Capital Funding?

There are many dimensions to a great Venture Deal! Is it proprietary? Will it scale? Does the management team have what it takes? Can you sell it? Is there a market for it? All these questions and more are elements of three primary questions we ask about every deal:

  • Is it a business?
  • Can you keep it?
  • Can you do it?

The first thing a new entrepreneur should do when seeking capital for a new business is find out what type of funding the business qualifies for. See the Venture Capital Funding page to find out.

How do I start the process of getting a Venture Capital deal funded?

The first thing to understand about raising equity capital is the process you must go through to successfully get investors interested. We know you have the best idea since “sliced bread” but investors look at thousand of deals every year and invest in only a few. The WBI Venture Funding Program is designed walk you through the process of looking, acting and being a credible entrepreneur who is raising capital for a credible venture deal or startup.


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