About the Program

VentureCapital.Org strives to be a resource for investors to develop better communication with entrepreneurs.  We find most entrepreneurs are first-timers and frequently don’t know what investors are looking for in a presentation. As part of our vetting process, we spend a considerable amount of time reviewing and interviewing applicants to our program and look for coachability in addition to other metrics (market, team, etc.). Startups that are accepted into our program are then mentored on how to best pitch their startup which often times impacts long-term strategy and sustainability.

How to Engage

VentureCapital.Org has several investors that attend its programs as well as participate in its mentor program. Mentoring is a great way to get to know CEO’s seeking capital in a less formal environment. It helps you understand if the CEO is coachable and if they are the type of person you are comfortable investing in.

We also offer several pitch events throughout the year and welcome active investors the opportunity to sit on feedback panels. The feedback panel includes questions about the pitch as well as candid feedback on what worked well, what didn’t, and opportunities for improvement. It is a great opportunity for the entrepreneur to better understand how active investors approach their deal. It is also an opportunity to determine how coachable each CEO is as they receive feedback.

These are some of the investor groups we work with at VentureCapital.Org. Contact us to learn more.