What Is The Cooperative Venturing Program?

If your company is selected to present at one of our events, VentureCapital.org will assign a Cooperative Venturing Team to assist in preparing your presentation for your investment pitch. Companies find that even though their presentation is the tool used to receive mentoring, the result is a much deeper understanding of their value proposition and how to better position themselves in the market for a greater chance of success.

The Teams are comprised of members of the Cooperative Venturing Network®, a nationwide network of professionals in equity backed businesses that include current (and former) successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, financial, legal, and investment professionals, all of whom are volunteering their time to help. These individuals are part of a network that has access to capital. While you are checking them out, they are checking you out, to see if they want to lend their credibility to investors on your behalf.

We work with the members of our Cooperative Venturing Network throughout the year to educate them on the most effective ways to provide critical feedback to companies that will encourage the highest likelihood of positive change.