Mark Cusivk | Canopy Group

"I attended your conference for the first time. I was impressed with the organization, the preparation levels of the presenting companies and the environment that your group created. I hope to be able to participate again soon. I will certainly encourage our companies to get involved with your "Mentoring Process" when the time comes again. [...]

Roger Falcione | MotorWeb

"I wanted to take a few minutes to congratulate you and the Institute for presenting such a professional and well-organized conference. The entire experience has been tremendously positive and constructive. As I may have mentioned to you before, despite my previous entrepreneurial success, this is my first exposure to the capital equity market. Thanks to [...]

Larry Rigby | Utah Life Science Angels

"WBI is an enormously valuable component in the state of Utah for furthering entrepreneurship and raising capital. It’s innovative in encouraging leadership … with a wonderful plan and system to do that. [The Mentors] all had different perspectives from their different fields of expertise, so having a diverse group of mentors look at your deal [...]

Wesely Smith | WAVE

"We were able to come in contact with a venture capital group and successfully raise money, primarily through the presentation and skills learned through the WBI Process. First time entrepreneurs in particular should really look into the capabilities of WBI…The mentoring experience has proven invaluable for me and will be the same for all start-up [...]