Friends and Family Sponsor


Friends and Family Sponsor

Carta makes it easy for founders and startups to manage their equity and keep their cap table up-to-date.  As the leading provider of cap table management software and 409A valuations, Carta’s software is utilized by brand new startups and by many of the largest private companies in the world to help issue, track and manage their equity.

More than 16,000 companies use Carta’s software to manage their cap tables.  Carta becomes particularly beneficial for companies rolling out a new stock option plan or preparing for a round of funding.

For early-stage companies that have raised $1M or less and have 25 or fewer stakeholders, they may qualify for a free Carta launch account.

Companies that are referred directly by, may receive a 20% first-year discount and Carta will waive the normal onboarding fees.

For more information you can visit or contact Jeff Erickson (