One Line Summary



3 Clicks to Cash – Instant Working Capital Solution for SMBs

Information Technology


LedgerBox, is the shopification of the digital wallet and personal financial data for monetization in consumer goods and services verticals


As Directed Plus

Total Linked Care


Blast Resolve

Patent-pending, cloud-based, full coverage ambulance communication system connecting physician experts to patients for inaccessible or any locations


Boka Sciences

Utah-based Boka Sciences is pioneering a low cost, convenient, and accurate way to diagnose dry mouth, a condition affecting 25% of the adult population. Our company makes it quick and easy by using saliva and big data

Life Sciences


Chunker is the Airbnb for warehouses

Information Technology


CloviTek improves health and quality of life through Wi-Fi listening

Information Technology / Hardware


CrowdSmart is the first scalable AI-powered investment platform to provide startups and investors a data-driven path to greater success

Information Technology

Dented Brick Distillery

Dented Brick is an award winning, fully-operational, high-capacity distilled spirits plant, producing old world craft spirits. Dented Brick has developed proprietary web-based sales programming and proprietary big data analytics in order to target markets and facilitate high growth sales

Consumer Products

Epitel develops healthcare IoT solutions that collect and analyze data to inform medical decision making


Fortress Gear

Always warm, even if wet

Consumer Products


Gather’s vision is to disrupt the funeral industry and reinvent the way we remember our loved ones

Information Technology


Jafflz®, Toasted Pockets, Mission is to provide nutritious- and delicious! – gourmet, global, all-natural alternatives to existing fast food/junk food options

Consumer Products


Journeyfront helps companies increase the accuracy of their hiring using predictive analytics, machine learning, and psychometric assessments

Information Technology


Majelco Medical Inc. is a University of Utah spin-out, seed-stage company that has developed a proprietary, disposable device to measure accurately surgical blood loss, targeting 10 million moderate blood loss surgeries (MBLS) annually in the USA alone. MBLS are surgeries with an expected, approximate blood loss of 300 – 1500 cc

Consumer Products


MELT® is leading the consumer shift to nutrient-rich, fruit-based saturated fats, appealing to “flexitarians” who are actively seeking plant-based alternatives to staples for better health and for a better planet

Consumer Products


Linking together for “caresharing”, a sharing economy childcare solution

Information Technology


15,000 Grocery & Wellness Products – Up to 40% Off – Free Home Delivery – Loyalty & Referral Rewards

Consumer Products/Information Technology


NemaMetrix offers a platform for rapid personalized drug discovery

Life Sciences

Precision Farming

Feeding the Future by “Getting Data into the Dirt” using Autonomy as a Service for Todays Agriculture

Information Technology

Predictable Ryde

Real-Time School Bus Information for Parents and Schools

Information Technology

Progenitor Life Sciences

Progenitor develops proprietary cell and molecular design tools and constructs enabling cost effective next generation off-the-shelf CAR-T Immuno-Oncology workflows

Life Sciences


Retrolux simplifies sales and installation of smart lighting in existing commercial buildings



Snacktivist Foods is a leading-edge food brand that challenges traditional ingredient concepts, our products are made from all-natural grain and legume blends and acceptable to those with food allergy, intolerance or conscious avoidance

Consumer Products


Streampage automates connection marketing, which brings real relationships to life in a digital world

Information Technology


Teadora offers high-performance naturals skin and haircare products that are powered by trade secret formulations of Amazon rainforest superfruit elixirs and other plant derived actives

Consumer Products


Like an electronic health record built for the financial industry



Veristride’s wearable-app-cloud platform (wirelessly) connects our Verialytics (biomechanics/AI) engine on the cloud to sensors on shoes via mobile apps providing feedback to bridge the information gap between clinic and home, with objective data for physical therapists in clinic and for patients/caregivers active in and out of the home


Automation for low-volume manufacturing

Information Technology